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King Palm

King Palm Flavoured Rollies

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King Palm New Flavoured Rollies  

Each pre-rolled natural Rollie size King Palm leaf wrap holds 0.5 grams. 

Currently available in 2pcs packs in the following flavours: 

Cherry Charm

Add the sweetness of Cherries to any strain with King Palm's Cherry Charm Rollies! 

Gelato Cream

Take a trip to Italy when you smoke up with these new King Palm Gelato Cream Wraps. Enjoy the creamy ice cream flavour when you squeeze the terp pearl inside the corn husk filter! 

Peach Tree 

Release peachy, fruity flavors with every puff when you smoke on King Palm’s single Peach Tree Rollie. This Rollie contains all-natural peach-flavored terpenes that are perfect for a hot summer day. (Or a cold day when you’re dreaming of the heat.) 

Perfect Pear

Take a hit of this King Palm Perfect Pear Rollie and you’ll feel like you’re biting straight out of a ripe, juicy pear. This roll is crafted with a fruit-derived terpene capsule that, when popped, releases deliciously natural flavors with every puff. Enjoy the pear-like puffs and get your mouth watering with this Rollie.