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SmokErb - Herbal Blends

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This product does not contain THC. 18+

Frost Blend

Blend Contains - Mullien, Peppermint, Damiana, Spearmint

An instantly refreshing and clean mixture, blended using a distinct balance of Peppermint, Spearmint and Damiana. The smoke will meet you with a minty flavour, which provides a glacial energy when inhaled, offering a cleansing feeling throughout the breath and body. The blend offers a sense of mental clarity and aliveness, paired with a calming bodily sensation. Frost helps to clear congestion from the lungs and increase blood flow in the body, generating a feeling of warmth, paired with the coldness of the smoke, making for a rewarding smoking experience.

Nectar Blend

Blend Contains - Mullien, Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow

A vibrant, fruitful blend. Crafted withRaspberry Leaf and Yarrow. The elements of sweet berry are brought to life through the taste of the smooth smoke. The blend offers an uplifting buzz in the body and mood, whilst having no effect on the users mental state. The combination of Raspberry Leaf and Yarrow allows for a unity of physical benefits. Those including the easing of congestion in the lungs, tension within the muscles and blood vessels around the centre of the body – allowing for a fan favourite, complete smoking experience.

Aroma Blend

Blend Contains - Mullien, Tulsi, Marshmallow Root

A rustic blend, cured for those who prefer a thicker, smoky fragrance, and a mild harshness on the inhale. This blend integrates the sweetness of Tulsi with the rich Marshallow Root to achieve this aroma. This blend provides an uplifting physical sensation, whilst acting as a stimulant for the nervous system, helping users to feel more present in their life. This combination of herbs has also been said to be most effective for lowering nicotine cravings. The Aroma blend is a tailored taste, offering an insight into the real richness at offer with Smokerb.

Bloom Blend

Blend Contains - Mullien, Chamomile, Lavender

The original blend. Bloom has been built from the ground up, alongside Smokerb itself. The Lavender and Chamomile are combined specifically to offer a grounded taste of earthy elegance, alongside a sweet fragrant kick. The smoke is fresh and light, which provides users with a calming smoking experience. This is alongside Blooms herbs having the most calming and tranquil effect of all our blends. Bloom reduces stress, body tension and allows for mental relaxation and clarity. This mix really is as grounded as it gets.

15g of Mixture Within a Resealable Pouch

Disclaimer - Inhaling any sort of smoke can be damaging to the body. We offer Smokerb as a far less harmful alternative to tobacco, although, we do not recommend use when not in substitute of tobacco.