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  • The Goods  <br> CBD Pre Rolls - Otherside
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The Goods

The Goods - CBD Pre Rolls

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The Goods CBD Pre-Rolls

The Goods CBD Pre-Rolls are convenient and easy on the go. Experience a mouthwatering terpene experience while consuming CBD in a ready to go pre-roll. CBD pre-rolls are one of the simplest CBD products for new and experienced users. Simply unpackage and spark one up. All of The Goods CBD Pre- rolls are non-psychoactive and THC free.

The Goods is our favourite cannabis lifestyle brand. Synonymous with high quality products with a satisfying design and feel, once you start using The Goods you'll never go back. Created by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who were looking for a unique, stylish and high quality CBD and smoking range that hadn't yet existed, now we can all enjoy what they've brought to market.

Ingredients: CBD, proprietary herbal mix, cannabis derived terpenes. 

  • The perfect souvenir. 

  • Proprietary herbal mix grown in USA. 

Currently available in 7 different flavours:

- Banana Kush -

Fragrance: Fruity | Herbal | Tropical

Effect: Soothing | relaxing | creative and euphoric

- Blue Dream -

Fragrance: Sweet | Berry | Earth

Effect: Euphoric | Energising | most popular strain for elevating one’s feelings

- GirlScout Cookies-

Fragrance: Floral | Earthy| Spicy | Sweet | Pine

Effect: Euphoric | Joyful | creative and spacey

- Grandaddy Purple -

Fragrance: Sweet | Floral | Earthy

Effect: Soothed | Tired | Hungry and a fusion of euphoria

- OG Kush -

Fragrance: Earthy | Pine | Wood

Effect: Attention | Motivation | Drive and improved focus

- Pineapple Express -

Fragrance: Sweet | Tropical| Cedar | Citrus

Feel: Uplifting | Euphoric | Energetic accompanied by a soothing sensation

- Zkittlez -

Fragrance: Sweet | Berry | Herbal | Tropical

Effect: Uplifting | Focused | Happy | Soothing


Keep out of reach from children. Must be 18+ to use this product. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Please always refer to your physician or medical healthcare professional for medical advice.