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Doze Vape Cartridge

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Now introducing our mouthwatering, high-strength CBD vape carts. With a range of three different flavours to choose from, Grape Soda, Pineapple Express and Blue Cookies; there are now more efficient and effective ways than ever to consume your #dailydoze.

Our CBD Vape carts contain high purity full spectrum CBD distillate; extracted from AAA grade CBD flower, alongside mouth-watering all natural plant derived terpenes.

Our carts contain no PG, VG or synthetic additives, only the highest purity, best tasting, all natural ingredients.

Our 510 thread cartridges are plug and play, meaning you simply buy the cart, screw it into the battery and then throw away your cartridges when finished. The battery are re-usable meaning no excessive damage to the environment.

  • Designed to be used for 200+ puffs
  • Each cartridge contains distilled cannabis oil from AAA+ quality CBD flower
  • No nasty additives, purely distilled cannabis oil, terpenes and diluting solution
  • Please note this is the vape cart only, you will need a 510 thread battery to power these carts (you can find these on our website).
  • Product contains full spectrum CBD distillate and terpenes. No nicotine, PG or VG are present in this product.
  • CBD: 65% THC: <0.01%


Currently available in the following: 

Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies inherits a cookies / cake tasting terpene infusion alongside our high-quality CBD distillate. With a sweet / cake tasting terpene profile this one can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night;

Flavours: Sweet, Cake , Blueberry.

Effects: Mellow, Focus, Calm.

Grape Soda

introducing our new mouth watering, Grape Soda CBD Vape Cart. Consisting of the highest purity CBD distillate with a burst of sweet grape terpenes.

Flavours: Sweet, Grape, Soda

Effects: Zen, Relax, Calm.

Pineapple Express

Experience the mouth-watering, world famous Pineapple Express inspired CBD vape cartridge from dozeCBD. Made with only the highest purity CBD distillate with a burst of our Pineapple Express terpenes.

Flavours: Sweet, Pineapple.

Effects: Zen, Relax, Calm.