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Roor CBD Vape Pen

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The CBD Vape by Roor Papers is the incredible new pocket-sized disposable CBD Vape from Roor Papers that comes in three flavours.


Made in Paris, France, the Roor CBD Vape has a 600 puff capacity, providing you precise control over the amount of CBD you consume. Each CBD Vape contains 200mg of CBD and measures 2.0 ML, ensuring that you get plenty of use out of each one. Furthermore, the CBD used is broad-spectrum and derived from organic Hemp, so that you can be confident you are only consuming the finest natural ingredients.  The Roor CBD Vape are disposable and pre-filled so you can just throw them away when you're finished using them. So say goodbye to fumbling with extra batteries and hello to the easy-to-use future with this terpene-rich CBD Vape by Roor Papers fuses high-quality broad-spectrum CBD with natural terpenes.


This incredible CBD Roor Vape is fuelled by natural terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD & organic hemp for an incredible all-around natural experience.


Each vape contains 0.0% THC.