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30% OFF SALE - NOW £30 - VAAY Night Capsules

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VAAY Night Capsules 5-HTP+CBD(300mg)

#SLEEP: We've created the ultimate nighttime formula to rest and take care of yourself because it’s important now more than ever.

  • Get through the night soundly with hemp and Griffonia seed extract
  • Contains approx. 30 capsules 
  • Based on natural broad-spectrum hemp extract with vitamins D & B12
  • 5-HTP promotes melatonin in our body to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep
  • THC: <0.01% Guaranteed

The VAAY CBD Sleep Capsules are the perfect sleep companion. Only natural ingredients. Made in Europe.


Perfect for the evening after a busy day: VAAY NIGHT Capsules contain the best of the hemp plant, packed in Griffonia seed extract to support the body to produce its natural sleep hormone melatonin. In our capsules we have combined a broad-spectrum hemp extract with seeds of the African plant Griffonia and vitamins B12 and D. That makes VAAY NIGHT Capsules the perfect product for a restful night.


You can find the application of each product on the detail pages or the packaging. :)