Dosage Guide - Water-soluble CBD Drops

Water-solubles are better absorbed by the body than oils (up to 4.5x the rate) and can be added to food and drink.

Keeping track of your dosage for the first 10-14 days is important to figure out what works for you. Start low and go slow to get the most out of your CBD and avoid increasing your tolerance too quickly.

For our CBD Day Drops, we recommend taking a 1/2 dose in the morning and another 1/2 in the evening, 30-60 minutes before sleeping. For those using our CBD Night Drops specifically before bed, take a full dose 30-60 minutes before sleeping. Alternatively you can always try smaller doses throughout the day, using the measurement markings on the dropper to keep track of how much you're taking. 

For best results, add to food or drink to increase absorption.

If after 10-14 days of regular dosing you have still not achieved the desired effects, try increasing your dose. If you are feeling overtired, reduce your dose. This could be a sign that you are taking more than you may need. Anyone taking medication should consult their doctor before using this food supplement. It is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. 18+