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Omura - Flowersticks

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This product does not contain THC. 18+. Flowersticks are sold empty.
4x 16pc Packs
Meet the updated Omura Refill sticks packs. Each pack comes with 16 empty sticks to fill and vaporize with your own favorite ground dry herb. The sticks pair with Omura vaporizers for the ultimate heat-not-burn experience. Fill individually or using the Omura Home Fill System - refer to the QR codes on the packs for further instructions. 
Each stick holds up to 0.125 grams meaning you are in control of your experience. Layer sticks as desired. Sticks are for personal use so they are completely hygienic and keep your device clean.
All sticks are made with FSC certified rainforest friendly paper and are 100% compostable (that's better than biodegradable!).